Gomatha Seva

Gomathaseva.org is run by Lalitha Gowmatha Seva , a nonprofit organization based in Hyderabad.

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... Yes, you can make a difference by donating regularly to save cows and our environment. We are a Non Profit organization, purely dependant on donations. We'll be able to protect and nurture more cows when you donate generously. Read more

Who Are We?

Gomathaseva.org is run by Gomatha Seva , a nonprofit organization based in Hyderabad, registered under the Andhra Pradesh Societies act 2001.

Gomatha Seva was started in 2012 with an objective of saving cows from being slaughtered, thereby saving the ecology and the environment. Since then, we've dedicated ourselves to save and nurture cows by collecting donations from the near and dear. We've come up with a website, in an attempt to raise funds online and we hope you would support us in our mission to save maximum number of cows from being slaughtered.

What we do?