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Job Portal

          Job portal iis a tool for organizations and recruitment companies to manage the recruitment process in a collaborative environment. The job applicants can create their resumes online, apply for specific jobs they are interested in, answer to job specific questions setup by the employer and get email alerts on new job postings. The organizations can search for the resumes from the resume database using various parameters, post job listings, setup questionnaires against jobs that can help in conducting online tests or specific information for short–listing and helps managing the workflow from short–listing to recruitment.

          In job portal, job applicants can post their resumes and employers can post the job listing or browse the database to get the right people with ease. This portal offers provision to conduct online questionnaires as well as post news related to employees and providing the tips on resume building / do’s and don’ts for the interview. The portal has the inherent workflow for the employers from job listing till candidate selection.


  • Basic Details.
  • Physical Status.
  • Contact Information.
  • Profile inserts.
  • Registration Confirmation Message.
  • 24×7 Customer Support.
  • Complete User Management.
  • Profile Management.
  • Automatic bring up to date availability alerts.
  • Advanced search with additional parameters.
  • Non-members can see results of listings but with limited info.
  • Export reports to Excel, PDF for further analysis


  • Job search using keywords, specialization and location
  • Automatic short–listing of candidates
  • New job alerts to candidates
  • Resume search using various parameters
  • Hot jobs listing
  • Workflow from short–listing to recruitment
  • Online job specific questions / tests

System Administrator Features

  • Post new jobs
  • Approve/delete posted jobs
  • Provision to add questionnaire for any job posting
  • Restriction of display of specific resumes to specific companies
  • Automatic evaluation of answers
  • Hot jobs listing
  • Provision to hold specific resume from display
  • News room

Employer Features

  • Setup users under the company
  • Job status can be updated to the jobseekers
  • Privilege to hold any posted job
  • Post new jobs
  • Provision to add questionnaire for any job posting
  • Search resumes
  • Provision to track and maintain status from short–listing to recruitment

Job Seekers Features

  • Create resume online, attach resume
  • Provision to view status of jobs applied for
  • Job search using keywords, specialization and location
  • Provision to withdraw the resume from the applied jobs
  • Provision to view the applied jobs Setup email alerts for new job postings


  • Number of job postings posted
  • Usage log of Employers / Job Seekers
  • Total number of vacancies report
  • Email aware log
  • List of Jobseekers, Employers
  • Black listed Employers / Job Seekers
  • Status report of job seekers

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