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Retail & Customer Goods

Increased competition and decreased profit margins is the mantra of the day

          With the global recession comes a very cost conscious consumer, a consumer who likes to plan his expenses and wishes to get the maximum possible return for his money. Added to this are issues of increased competition and lower profit margins. Retail companies with foresight are quick to understand that it is not enough to increase the number of customers; each customer must also get more value out of his/her purchase. To successfully serve today’s consumers, retailers need to craft innovative, cross-channel offerings and create meaningful experiences with everything from store displays, in-store aids, and website architecture to pricing, convenience, availability, fulfillment, and customer service.

          Prophetic is a veteran for the development of customized technology driven solutions from the retail industry. We have implemented a number of projects for medium and large scale retail companies in India. The solutions range from the development of complete e-tailing models (Transaction based, E-Commerce sites) to modular application development and multimedia based development and deployment of solutions.

Services provided to the retail industry include:

  • Development of a sustainable and profitable (in the short term) e-tailing model.
  • Technology based solutions for both the online and offline environment
  • Deployment of third party software
  • Development of online promotional strategies for the retail audiences
  • Interactive multimedia development
  • Design services

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