Video Marketing is using the power of Video to grab people’s attention and promote a product or service. Unlike text, Video can contain speech, images, music, moving images and can, therefore, convey any marketing message with more interest, emotion, colour, excitement humour etc and so appeals to multiple senses at the same time. Online Video Sales Letters (VSLs) are becoming more and more popular and replacing the old-style text-only sales letters. In most cases, Video Sales letters convert much higher than text-based sales letters. An informative video, concerning your product and advantages will build a sense of trust in your customers’ minds. Make your customers believe in your videos by making them more impactful and creative with our video marketing services


Benefits of SEO Video

More brand Awareness, maximum video optimization, quick organic ranking, better conversion rates, and much more, the benefits of this marketing strategy is innumerable. So, having the SEO video for your content will make it easier to get more views, likes, and maximum reach. You cannot look over putting up the videos on the web for your brand now as they will help you rank higher in the second largest search engine

How can prophetic-technologies help you with Video Marketing Services?

Video Marketing can be your sure-shot strategy to attract more customers as most of them want to see your product in action. As per Wyzowl, 63% of businesses have started using video content marketing. Out of that, 82% of businesses feel video advertising is a significant part of their marketing strategies as video advertising gives them a decent ROI and improves website visitors and sales. To do the same, we at AquGen provide you video marketing services and help you through the process right from the conceptualization to the finishing touches and its promotion. So reach out to us at prophetic-technologies , the video marketing company, and achieve distant business goals effectively.