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Why Prophetic

         We always challenge ourselves and love taking positive challenges. We look back for experience and go forward for innovation. Skill coupled with experience and innovation keeps us ahead in the technological race.

             Integrity, honesty, transparency and passion drive our path. Customer-centric approach establishes excellent rapport with our clients.

          We persistently attempt in pursuit of brilliance both individually and as a team. Work together and Cooperate are not mere buzzword but trunk-words that keep us together. We keep people over technology and respect our business over code.

We believe in responsibility and liability in the best way.

Domain Knowledge

              Our wide experience in various domains like Enterprise Resource Planning, Facilities Management, Building Management, Materials Management, Asset Management, Human Resource and Payroll and many more areas is a huge asset while designing large and complex business software systems to match the best in the industry.

Technology Maturity

          Our knowledge in handling projects in many enlargement platforms and the technology focused expertise of the platform specific teams can deliver the best in technology to our clients.

Process Maturity

          Our designed methodology of handling various phases of projects: risk identification and improvement, maintenance of several levels of detailed documentation, buffering of staffing on projects, has evolved out of the proficiency we have gained over years. This proficiency which is implemented and continuously monitored and improvised companywide works to our clients' benefit.

Outsourcing Experience

          Our experience in handling several clients across the world either directly or through our partners making best use of the communication technologies and the successful implementations prove our credentials in handling outsourced projects.

Strong & Committed Team

             Our whole team is a self motivated, highly focused group of skilled engineers who are always ready to extend their maximum support to our customers, spend the extra bit of time anytime and show special care all the time.

No Marketing Team – Absolutely Nobody

           We have never had a marketing / sales executive working for us in the past. We have always got new customers by referral from our existing customers and our committed partners who have been our direct clients and have tasted good success working with us as their Offshore Development Partner. Our focus is on providing world class software solutions using the best of the breed technology cost effectively while maintaining excellent standards which we believe will get us enough visibility and reach in the market place.

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